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The country of Peru is located in western South America. Its limits are characterized by areas of low population density, with the exception of the region surrounding Lake Titicaca in the country’s southeast.

Top Airlines in Peru

1. AerCaribe

Lima serves as the home base for the Peruvian charter airline known as Aer Caribe Peru. The airline utilizes a fleet of Boeing 737-400F and Antonov AN32 equipment to provide chartered cargo and passenger services out of Jorge Chavez International Airport. It commenced operation in 2013 with a fleet size of 13.

2. JetSmart Airlines Perú

It is suggested that JetSMART will establish a low-cost carrier (ULCC) affiliate in Peru under the name JetSMART Peru. In April of 2021, the carrier submitted an application for an air operator’s certificate. In April of 2022, the Ministry of Transport in Peru granted permission for the JetSMART subsidiary known as “JetSMART Peru” to begin providing commercial services. The airline anticipates the beginning of operations in the second quarter of 2022.

3. LATAM Airlines Perú 

LATAM Airlines Per is a subsidiary of LATAM Airlines that was originally known as LAN Per S.A. Its headquarters are located in Lima, Peru. The airline company was established in 1998, and it started offering services to the general public in 1999. On November 15, 1999, it became the first airline to offer flights to international destinations. It flies to 49 destinations with a fleet size of 39.

4. Servicios Aéreos de los Andes

Andes Air, commonly known as Servicios Aéreos de Los Andes, is a Peruvian airline that was established in 2005. Its full name is Servicios Aéreos de los Andes. The airline was initially established as a charter carrier that specialized in the transportation of workers for the oil and gas industry as well as the mining industry. It has a fleet size of 5.

5. SKY Airline Perú

It is the second-largest airline in Peru. It was founded in 2009. It is a subsidiary of sky Airlines and is based in Chile. It flies to 15 destinations with a fleet size of 10.

6. Aerolíneas Star Perú

Star Peru is a domestic airline that services routes within Peru. Its fleet is made up of a variety of British Aerospace aircraft, most of which are used for passenger transport while the remaining aircraft are used for freight transport. The airline was founded in May 1997 under the name Star Up S.A. with funding from both Peru and Ukraine. In 2004, the airline purchased its first Boeing 737-200 and began regularly scheduled commercial flights inside Peru. It flies to 7 destinations with a fleet size of 6.

7 . Viva Air Perú

Viva Air Per, commonly known as, is a low-cost Peruvian airline that began operations in May of 2017. Viva Air Per may also be found online at The airline operates certain international routes to Colombia in addition to the domestic services that it offers inside Peru and its surrounding areas. It flies to 3 destinations with a fleet size of 4.

8. Wayraperú

Wayraper is a Peruvian airline with its headquarters located at Jorge Chávez International Airport in Lima, the nation’s capital city. The airline initially began operations in 2006, although they were only active for a short period of time, spanning the months of March to November. It flies to 5 destinations with a fleet size of 2.

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