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After the Taliban marched into Kabul and took control of the war-torn country on August 15, India halted all commercial flights to Kabul.

The Taliban administration in Afghanistan has written to the Indian government in the first official communication between the two countries, requesting to resume flights between the two countries.

The new authority in Afghanistan’s Islamic Emirate has written a letter to India according to the source.

Alhaj Hameedullah Akhunzada, acting minister of Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority, wrote the letter to Director General of Civil Aviation Arun Kumar. It’s from September 7th.

“As you are well informed recently, the Kabul Airport was damaged and dysfunctional by American troops before their evacuation,” Akhunzada says after complimenting the DGCA.

The airport had been open thanks to the technological aid of our Qatari brother, and a NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) an issue on September 6, 2021.”

Only a few humanitarian and passenger flights have been operating out of Kabul thus far.

The goal of this letter is to make passenger mobility between the two nations as seamless as possible. The letter sign between MoU and our national carriers’ (Ariana Afghan Airline and Kam Air) plans to resume scheduled flights.

As a result, the Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority requested that you assist them with their commercial flights,” according to the letter.

Despite a meeting in Doha on August 31, India does not officially recognize the Taliban regime in Afghanistan.

Deepak Mittal, India’s ambassador to Qatar, met with Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanekzai, the Taliban’s political office’s chief in Doha, at the latter’s request.

After US troops left Afghanistan on August 30, the Taliban gained control. On August 21, India dispatched an Indian Air Force flight from Kabul to evacuate its citizens.

They took an Air India trip to Dushanbe and subsequently to Delhi.

Hundreds of citizens, refugees, and foreigners were brought back by the Indian government on numerous such flights, which were coordinated with the Air Force and commercial airlines.

Suicide bombers struck at one of the airport’s gates, killing at least 60 people; neighbors captured video of dozens of remains scattered along a canal on the facility’s outskirts.

Taliban also request Other nationals to restart flights and trade. As we all know, Afghanistan is now experiencing financial difficulties and would like to expand its economy.

Following the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, Kabul airport was overwhelmed with tens of thousands of Afghans trying to flee, as well as foreigners and relief workers awaiting evacuation.

Afghan nationals are suffering a terrible battle at the hands of the Taliban.

The prohibition on overseas flights has previously been extended by the government until May 31, 2021. International all-cargo operations were exempt from the ban.

The decision to resume flight services is still underprocessing, and the Indian government’s response has yet to be received.


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