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According to sources, a SpiceJet flight from Dubai to Madurai was delayed due to a “last-minute mechanical fault.”

Due to a nose wheel malfunction, a SpiceJet flight from Dubai was unable to complete its return trip on Monday.

As a result, a rescue plane was dispatched to pick up the passengers who had become stuck as a result of the technical malfunction. The matter has been investigated by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

According to a senior DGCA official, on July 11, Spicejet B737 aircraft VT-SZK flew from Mangalore to Dubai with the intention of returning to India.

“Post landing during a walk-around inspection, the engineer observed nose wheel strut compressed more than normal. On this, the engineer grounded the aircraft,” the official said.

“It may be due to depletion of nitrogen used in the oleo strut or internal seal damage. The exact reason would be ascertained based on the investigation of the Landing Gear strut,” he added.

A SpiceJet spokeswoman stated that flight SG23 from Dubai to Madurai on July 11 was delayed owing to a last-minute technical issue.

“An alternate aircraft was arranged immediately which brought passengers back to India. Flight delays can happen with any airline. There has been no incident or a safety scare on this flight,” the spokesperson further said.

After overcoming a technical issue, a Spicejet commercial flight returned to India.SpiceJet has seen a string of technical difficulties in recent weeks.

The DGCA, India’s aviation regulator, handed the airline a show-cause notice last week for its inability to deliver safe, efficient, and trustworthy air travel.

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