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Flying from India to North America, which already costs a fortune due to exorbitant airfares and a depreciating rupee, may become much more expensive for individuals who don’t exactly pack lightly. ​

By decreasing the previous allowance of two bags, German mega carrier Lufthansa will now only allow economy travelers booking tickets beginning Monday (Aug. 1) to fly between India and North America with one free check-in bag weighing up to 23 kilograms. ​

Tickets purchased before July 31 will not incur an additional fee on this count for passengers.
For those who make their reservations right away, checking a second bag will cost either Euros 200 if done so in advance online or Euros 250 if done so in person at the check-in counter.

Therefore, if a passenger books an economy flight on Lufthansa from Delhi to New York or Vancouver to Delhi, they will now have to pay an additional Euro 400 or Euro 500 for the return trip in order to check a second bag.

Senior airline executives in the EU claim that the sharp increase in oil prices has caused them to consider ways to increase money from cargo holds by charging passengers extra for the second bag or by clearing more room for paid cargo by discouraging many passengers from checking in two bags.

Despite a subpar onboard experience on its relatively aging fleet of aircraft that were improperly maintained during the Maharaja’s state-owned days, Air India allows two, which is one of the elements that have made its North America nonstops a favorite with travelers.

The check-in-free baggage policy for Lufthansa Group has been matched with those of United Airlines and Air Canada, effective August 1, 2022, according to a correspondence supplied by a top travel agency.


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