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COVID-19 and the Indian Aviation Industry: Impacts, Predictions and more

COVID-19 AND THE INDIAN AVIATION INDUSTRY: IMPACT, PREDICTIONS AND MORE The covid-19 pandemic has affected various industries in different ways; few for the good and few for the worse. On the same note, the Indian aviation industry especially has taken a hit in the business due to the domestic and international ban on flying as a part of lockdown guidelines. As per India Times report, the aviation industry in 2020…

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American Airlines passenger duct-taped to seat during 2hr flight

An American Airlines passenger travelling on the 2hr flight from Dallas-Fort Worth to Charlotte, North Carolina had a mental breakdown mid-flight and had to be restrained  with duct tape. The American Airlines Flight 1774 passenger allegedly tried to open the emergency doors of the plane, after experiencing a mental breakdown episode and wanting to get off the plane while in mid-air, according to USA Today. The passenger was restrained with…

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Air India Express resumes Dubai Flights

Air India Express was banned by Dubai after the airline flew a COVID positive passenger from India to Dubai despite all the precautions, testing and procedures. Dubai authorities had earlier announced that there will be a suspension of 15days. The patient managed to travel despite a COVID positive certificate issued by a laboratory in India. Since it was the second instance of this issue with Air India Express in Dubai,…

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Pakistan announces resumption of Intentional Flights on 20th June

Pakistan Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resources Development has announced that international travellers can now buy tickets directly from the airline websites and fly directly without the need to wait for the Consulate or Embassy for approval to travel. Dr Moeed Yusuf, special assistant to Pakistan Prime Minister on National Security, said all airlines will be allowed to operate in Pakistan from June 20. During a press conference at…

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Emirates Airline fires over 700 cabin crew and 600 pilots

In a grim development caused by the ongoing COVID19 pandemic and its subsequent economic slowdown and flight bans around the world, Dubai based Emirates Airline has fired over 700 cabin crew members and 600 pilots who worked for the airline. Reportedly, most of the fired employees were flying on the Airbus A380 superjumbo planes and those in training. Emirates spokesperson told Arabian Business, “After reviewing all scenarios and options, we…

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Cyprus now open for Tourists

On Tuesday, Cyprus welcomed back its first tourists since the flight bans that started in March. Scheduled flights flew in from Israel, Greece and Bulgaria. Due to its low Coronavirus transmission rates, Cyprus is marketing itself as a safe holiday destination and the first flight landed at Larnaka International Airport. A total of 5 arrivals and 5 departures were scheduled from Larnaka for Tuesday. Cyprus has opened its borders for…

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Commuter Electric Plane completes 30min flight

Electric propulsion companies Magnix and AeroTEC completed a test flight of the Magnix Magni/500-powered Cessna 208B Caravan flight that took off from Grant County International Airport in Washington. With the global concerns about the environmental impact of commercial fossil fuel powered flights, electric planes are touted as an utopian vision for the future of terrestrial flying. While the current flight test is a proof of concept, Magnix believes that the…

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Lufthansa offers to fly one-way outbound flights from India to Europe

German airline Lufthansa has offered to fly one-way flights from India to Europe until normal international flight operations are restored in India. “We are willing to operate only outbound (flights with passengers) from India if we are allowed to transport all categories of persons as per the order of ministry of home affairs and if we can publish a schedule in advance for an entire period. We had requested this…

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Delta suspends service to 11 airports

Delta Air Lines has announced that it is suspending services of Delta flights to 11 airports indefinitely due to lower customer volume on those routes. This step has been taken in an effort to lower costs of operations. Delta, an Atlanta-based carrier has cut approximately 5% of its domestic flights within the United States starting June 8. “As the world responds to the COVID-19 pandemic, Delta continues to face an…

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Malaysia Airlines to resume international flights in July

Malaysia Airlines has announced that it will resume international flights in July to carry essential travellers to facilitate the reunion of families who were separated because of the COVID19 travel restrictions worldwide. These flights will be inbound as Malaysians are still not allowed to travel abroad. Flight schedules for Malaysia Airlines: