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Three major US airlines had announced last week that they would require employees to be vaccinated against Covid-19. American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and JetBlue Airways have joined United, Hawaiian, and Frontier Airlines in requiring vaccines for their employees.

Two major US air carriers, Delta Air Lines and Southwest Airlines – facing a huge pushback from the union. These two airlines are also planning to enforce similar actions.

Airlines that work as contractors for the government are subject to even stricter regulations. They must implement the vaccine mandate by December 8 without providing a testing option.

Airlines follow more strict rules than any other sector.

President Joe Biden’s administration builds up the pressure by ordering the nation’s largest employers to impose vaccine mandates.

Airlines with more than 100 employees, and employers, must require their employees to receive the coronavirus vaccine or be tested for the virus at least once a week.

Airlines don’t have a choice, and they have to follow the orders.

In a memo to the airline’s nearly 103,000 employees on Friday, CEO Doug Parker stated that “team members who choose to remain unvaccinated will not be able to work at American Airlines.”

Some airline executives had asked the White House to postpone the requirements, which Biden signed last month, until after the busy holiday travel season.

United Airlines was the first major U.S. carrier to notify its roughly 67,000 employees in August that they must be fully vaccinated by October 25 or face termination.

There is also a shortage of employees due to mandatory Vaccination orders.

“We have no greater responsibility to you and your colleagues than to ensure your safety at work, and the facts are clear everyone is safer when everyone is vaccinated,” wrote United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby and president Brett Hart in a memo to employees at the time.

According to the reports, United Airlines announced that 99.5 percent of employees had been vaccinated against Covid-19. It excludes the approximately 3% of employees who had exemptions for religious or medical reasons.

Separately, the Labor Department will issue an emergency order requiring regular COVID-19 testing or vaccines for more than 80 million private-sector employees. This order is expected to arrive this month.

According to the American Pilots Association, approximately three out of every ten members are not vaccinated.

According to Delta airlines, they said on Friday that 84 percent of its employees had been vaccinated.

American and Southwest have stated that they are studying Biden’s order. Both are under pressure from their pilot groups not to require vaccinations and instead to provide alternatives, including testing.

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