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As a part of the transportation industry’s evolutionary experimentation, the “Flying Ferry” concept was initialized in Sharjah recently; Regent, a Boston-based start-up company is a brainchild behind this idea. On successful implementation of this experiment, passengers can soon commute between Dubai to Abu Dhabi in a considerably shorter period compared to other modes of travel.

Regent is focused on building an environmentally sustainable model of ferry commute; for this, the flying ferry is set to be electric-power built. At this stage, a cold war era vessel is being dusted off and is used as the flying ferry body; the body is chosen for its already-proven stance against waves and weather throughout the years. Furthermore, the current day’s battery technology is added to the flying ferry body to find the most efficient and compatible match. The successful model is said to match the speed of the airplane at the boat’s cost of travel; the starting speed will be low and could travel at a speed up to 290 KMPH.

Regent’s flying ferry is said to be an intermediate balance between a boat and a glider; this allows to tackle rough waves and weather in contrast to other existing models in the industry. The balance is reached via hydrofoil.

Regent works with a mission to combat the rising price of regional transportation services and to connect ferry routes, short flight paths, coastal railways, and highways with major hubs including Dubai to Abu Dhabi, New York to Washington, DC or the UK to France.

Regent’s official statement states that the flying ferry has received over 465 Million USD worth of orders to date. The organization has signed a letter of intent to commute 150 (approx.) passengers from the UK to France through the flying ferry system; while the prototype shall carry its first set of passengers later in 2021. The company has raised approximately 9 Million USD via seed funding via Founders Fund, Caffeinated Capital, Mark Cuban, Y Combinator, Thiel Capital, Relativity Space founder Jordan Noone, and Fitbit founder James Park.

Currently, Regent is working to combat its 24 percentile carbon footprint via fuel combustion.