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One of the cabin crew members on a recent Air India aircraft to London had a horrific encounter when an alcoholic passenger physically assaulted him. When the cabin crew protested to the passenger and his pals drinking from their own bottle of booze, things got heated.

On July 7, an incident occurred aboard an Air India flight from Delhi to London. The passenger was drinking from a bottle of booze he had brought on board. When the flight attendant respectfully asked the alcoholic customer not to drink on the trip, he began punching and kicking him.

The angry passenger, according to eyewitnesses, kicked him at least six to seven times and even smacked him in the chest.

Cabin staff employees frequently have to deal with a variety of passenger requests, ranging from seat changes to concerns with in-flight meals.

While most situations are settled gently and civilly, there are times when people decide to take the law into their own hands and make it an unpleasant experience not just for the airline employees but also for fellow passengers.

The argument became so heated that one of the passengers in the group physically assaulted the cabin crew member, leaving him with a bloodied face.

Passengers are not permitted to consume store-bought alcoholic beverages on board the plane, according to airline policy.

According to a TOI story, the flight attendant was treated and released from a London hospital after receiving first aid. The flight attendant is from Mumbai and is in his early thirties. He has been described as pleasant and mild-mannered.

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