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Air India Express

Air India Express was banned by Dubai after the airline flew a COVID positive passenger from India to Dubai despite all the precautions, testing and procedures. Dubai authorities had earlier announced that there will be a suspension of 15days. The patient managed to travel despite a COVID positive certificate issued by a laboratory in India. Since it was the second instance of this issue with Air India Express in Dubai, the 15day ban was announced.

The earlier incident happened on August 28th, when a COVID positive passenger flew from New Delhi to Dubai on an Air India Express flight. After the airline submitted a written apology to “Dubai Civil Aviation Authority” detailing the new procedures to prevent such lapses in future, the airline was allowed to resume flights to Dubai. However, this time the airline announced the resumption without revealing the details behind the screen.

Air India Express Dubai Flights 2020

Since Dubai is one of the prominent destinations from India, the resumptions of flights is seen as a breather for passenger returning to UAE as well as Indians returning from Dubai, UAE.